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Pen Drive Copy Protection -FAQ

 Qns - What are the charges for per pen drive ? Can we get discount if we want to get theses pen drive in bulk ?

Ans -Per pen drive charges - Rs 100  .

          for more then 1 pen drive here

 Qns - I can not understand the full features of  Pen drive copy protection - can i get DEMO of it ?

Ans  - We help you - for this

             1)  Call us  # 09810996076  WhatApps # 9810996076


            2) Pay Rs 100 ( $ 1.99 ) - we will give you  real  protection in your Pen Drive or SD Card or Ex -HDD , Computer HDD ( any drive C: D: ) or files - folder in computer - and we teach you every thing.

Video Copy Protection - FAQs

Qns - What is All-In-One Video copy protection ?

Ans - ALL - means -all OS & all devices 

                        ALL OS - Windows , Andriods ,Apple IOS & Apple MAC

                        ALL devices - Windows computer & laptop

                                                    Andriod - Mobile ,Tablets & SmartTV

                                                   Apple IOS - Iphone,Ipad & AppleTV

                                                    Apple MAC - Computer & Laptop

so after Video Copy protection - your Single video will run in ALL OS & ALL devices -with fully copy protected Mode ( No one can copy your video in other devices)

Qns - I have seen many VIDEO capture tool - can others capture my   videos ? 

Ans - Good news - Your Copy protected videos will not let Run any type of  Video Capture Tool - so your all videos will be fully proetcted by Any Video Capture Tool


also , it is having prevestion from  VMware machine & Virual PC