Audio & Video Copy Protection Features

By edutree

Copy protected videos will Play on All types of Computers & mobile , Tablet , Smart TV

Single video plays on many devices

Our  copy protected video will  Play  on 
windows - computer , laptop
Andriod - Mobile,Tablet, SmartTV
MAC-Computer , laptop

Set- Play/Expiry date & No. of plays - for your user -In copy protected videos

We provide softTool - where you can manage video plays for your user

With the use of softTool you -Set Play Date of expiry & Play nos, in Copy protected-Video or Audio -for your user
So you will have full control on your Copyprotected videos

 Windows & Andriod - Your Own video player 

your logo & name will put in windows  & andriod player

You will have your own  (Customised Andriod & Widows - players  ) & these player will be having Your company name & logo
All copy protected videos will run in your own players only and all videos will have your logo too
So ,Both players & videos will have logo of your company which helps in buliding BRAND value

Your Own Output extention - It can be your company name

customized -videocopyproted extension name 

Get customized video copy protected extention name example - it can  .mycompany or .myname (  not .mp4 ) - it gives great impresson to you customer and again bulids your BRAND Value 

Get video copy protection - Online  (via internet ) 

No need to Send Your video files to us 

We Can copy protect your video & audio files in you computer it self - Online (Via internet)  
So ,no need  to send  your valuable data to us
All  we do this with very hight speed at your computer
Our video copy protection takes only
  - 60sec  for  video size  1Gb
(depends on internet speed ) 

Any size Video copy protection can be done as single large video  

More then 1GB video size can be Copy protected 

we can do copy video protection - for single video file which size can be  1 GB or more
So , no worry about size of video for copy protection 

 We  protect -All video format & All audio format 

Almost ALL Types of Videos & Audio can be copy protected 

Support video format: AVI, FLV, MP4, RMVB, WMV, MPG, 3GP,ASF, AVM, AVS, DAT, MKV, MOV, MPEG , MPG, NSV, OGM, RM, TP, TS,
VOB and more.
Support all Audio format - mp3 and more 

Saving Time & Money & peace of mind 

Money & time can be saved in sending  & getting data 

You can save money & time in sending data to us & getting data from us
and tension Fee from  data leakage & data lost - while send & getting data
So, thanks to our software developer
who has made our life easy