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Copy Protection - for windows only

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  1. WebSite Content eBrowser –  It is a pack  of WebSite Content eBrowser size (5mb), when it opens in computer , works like a encrypted browser to play Website with its all content .
  2. More about WebSite Content eBrowser - ||  it is browser ( like google chorme , windows bing , fire fox ) , which is developed  to browser your full website or webpage(s) with all contents like -webpages , text , pdf files ,videos, audio or any files  from your own or any server  || Where user - can watch | play webpages , text , pdf files ,videos, audio or any files  as per permission and date validation  given by admin  ||  Where user - cannot download videos | audios | any text | cannot capture videos | cannot take screen shot | cannot see url (location) of any things on webpages like videos | audios | cannot view page source and many restrictions.
  3. Send it via email - WebSite Content eBrowser which comes with pre-loaded copy protection software , only you have to put location of website or webpage(s)   ( from Google Drive |  Own site server | Any server ) and send this to User via email
  4. Wonderful product -   How To Use   || (Step 1) We will provide WebSite Content eBrowser ( Size 5MB) || (Step 2)  Put location of website or webpage(s) ( from Google Drive | Own site server | Any server ) in WebSite Content eBrowser  ||  (Step 3) Send this WebSite Content eBrowse to user via e-mail || (Step 4) User will download WebSite Content eBrowser in his/her computer and start using it  
  5. Computer Binding -  WebSite Content eBrowser will be binded (locked ) with your user computer only , so only your user can use this WebSite Content eBrowser not others 
  6. Date validation - Date validation of WebSite Content eBrowser can be set ,User can watch / play video only upto date of valiadtion     
  7. Licenses  -  limited no of License  [ Pay per License ] 
  8. OS support -  Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit, Server 2003 64 bit, Server 2008 64 bit, as well as all other 32 bit Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 and above.  
  9. Device Support -Windows Computer | Windows Laptop  
  10. Buy liences - When you buy no of licences we provide you activation keys for these licences  via your email
  11. Easy & Simple to use - It is very easy to use , any Non-tech person can use this  
  12. Files format support - All website content | Webpage(s) | Any audio  | Any video  | PDFs    | Webtext   | Any image | Any website which works on google chome   
  13. Paid Customization - Your logo & company name can put in softwares | Other cutomizations can done as per your requirements
  14. Sale & After Sale Help - Whatsapp# +91 9810996076  to us 


Send it via email

ttdsoft WebSite Content eBrowser can be easly send it to user via email 
User will download from any location and start using it in his/her windows computer or laptop  

Any Size of website content
 ( 50 MB - 1000GB )

Using ttdsoft WebSite Content eBrowser  Any size of website content can be watch or play  from 50MB to 1000GB can be accessed from  any server

Fully copyprotected 

ttdsoft WebSite Content eBrowser is fully copyprotected . just put your website or webpage(s) location and send it via email 
your Web Content is fully safe , web Content & data copying is impossible by the any user
( truly – copy protected WebSite Content eBrowser)

Anti Capturing screen
& Anti screenshot

ttdsoft WebSite Content eBrowser comes with build in Anti Capturing screen & Anti screenshot techniq 
Screen capturing & screenshot of your Web Content with the help of any software is impossible by any user.
( truly – copy protected )

Manage - User date validation     

ttdsoft  WebSite Content eBrowser has User date validation .
The owner / admin of the WebSite Content eBrowser can put User date vaildation for limited period or for Unlimited Period.
date of expiry for each user can be set.
( truly – controllable )

WebSite Content eBrowser is transformable (optional)

ttdsoft WebSite Content eBrowser ,user can transfer WebSite Content eBrowser (with your permission ) from one computer to other
( pls note - at one point of time WebSite Content eBrowser will work in one computer only )

Full control of Data                               

ttdsoft WebSite Content eBrowser- Copying data /deleting data /adding /removing data /Data date validation ,  control /hiding these types of controls can be done with your videos

Great Benefits -                               No worry  | Earn money

ttdsoft WebSite Content eBrowser gives many benefits
|| No worry- Since it fully protected  use it any where | do on line class | send any videos or audios on your webpages | pdfs on webpages | many useful things can be done without any worry 
|| Earn money - sell your videos | audio | pdf | any Web content -with Date validation, earn money

Easy usage                                              

The usage of this ttdsoft WebSite Content eBrowser is very easy since no programming skill is required , it comes with the user friendly interface


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Demo - Buy One full version License 

Buy One full version License
To understand how does this WebSite Content eBrowser works
how it can be used

Pay Rs 200 & get full version - PayToUs 

          Prices per License

Limited Nos 

Per  License | Validity - Life Time

10+ Licenses

Rs                          100
  • Validity - Life Time

25+ Licenses

Rs                          90 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

50+ Licenses

Rs                          80 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

100+ Licenses

Rs                          75 per Licenses
  • Validity - Life Time

200+ Licenses

Rs                          70 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

500+ Licenses

Rs                          65 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

1000+ License

Rs                          60 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

2000+ Licenses

Rs                          55
  • Validity - Life Time

5000+ Licenses

Rs                          50 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

10,000+ Licenses

Rs                          40 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

25,000+ Licenses

Rs                          30 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

50,000+ Licenses

Rs                          20 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

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